Terms of Service

By purchasing a commission, you are agreeing to all of the terms listed below.

General Terms

 ❥ I reserve the right to decline a commission for any reason. If I do so, I will issue you a full refund.

 ❥ I cannot refund you if the artwork has been completed. If you decide you don’t want to continue with the commission before it is finished, please contact me and I will refund you the portion I didn’t finish.

 ❥ Upon commissioning me, you give me the rights to display your artwork in any of my online galleries.  I may also opt to sell prints and merchandise unless requested not to.

❥ A commission may take a month to finish. Less complex pieces should be done sooner. Due to my job, my hours are odd, but please check on my Trello for current status.  If I’m significantly delayed, I will email you.


Artwork Guidelines

 ❥ Please provide a decent reference sheet for your character or chosen subject. I am available for designing a character if needed. Game screenshots are fine, and Artistic Liberty is great if you want to let me run wild.

 ❥ I won’t draw somebody else’s character without their permission. This excludes fanart of popular media.

 ❥ While Artistic Liberty and Approval Steps are a thing, I do retain the right to have some creative freedom in the way the artwork comes out.  Please no overly detailed descriptions on every tiny aspect of the piece.  Allow me some wiggle room to let my creativity shine, and you won’t be disappointed!  

❥ You may use your artwork for personal use, such as icons.  If you wish to make money off of commissioned artwork, there will be an extra charge.

❥ You may upload your commissioned artwork to your online galleries with proper credit and links to my gallery.


Approval and Changes

 ❥ You can opt for Artistic Liberty, and I’ll send you the artwork as soon as it’s done.  You can give me a basic idea of what you’d like, for example, a cute kitten, a sketch of Anubis, a pink dog, etc.


 ❥ You can request Approval Steps, but you must let me know in advance when you fill out the form.

 ❥ By default, I’ll show you progress after the initial sketch is done to see if you like where it’s heading.

❥ I’ll show you the piece once again after flat colors are added to check if they are correct.

❥ If you want changes made, please let me know them all in bulk to save time and to get your commission to you faster.

Subject Matters

  If you are not sure if I’ll draw it, please ask!  


Will Draw

 ❥ Animals: Feral & Anthro

 ❥ Humanoids

 ❥ Fanart

 ❥ Artistic Nudity

 ❥ Soft NSFW


Won’t Draw

 ❥ Hardcore 18+

 ❥ Mechas and Detailed Vehicles

 ❥ Other artist’s styles

 ❥ Complex City Scenery

❥ Other people’s characters

(without permission, gift art excluded.)