Welcome, Seeker...


It is no coincidence that you find yourself here. 

I believe that we are drawn to others for a reason, and through that connection, you have stepped onto a path of discovery and healing. 

I am Little Fang, Professional Tarot Card Reader and Reiki Practitioner. 

Did you know that a deck of tarot cards, in skilled hands, bring forth great life advice that you can utilize to bring back your power? 
A reading can be highly beneficial if you are having trouble regaining control of your personal journey. 

Reiki, a practice originating in Japan, is a form of laying on hands healing that can be performed both in person and at a distance. 
If you are feeling stressed or just out-of-sorts, a healing session can help bring back some of that energy that your body is needing.

Choose your path, step forward, and allow me to guide you forth.



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